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dj-classifieds 3.4
26 November, 2021
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DJ-Classifieds 3.4 Release Candidate

26 November, 2021

DJ-Classifieds version 3.4 RC was just released and is ready for tests for all active subscribers.

We've fixed bugs and added some new features.

This is not a stable version. Please do not use it on production sites! The download link is at the bottom of this article.

(+) stands for a new feature

(!) stands for fix

73. (!) Problem with notifications after submitting bids 
74. (+) Restrict country for Google API hints in DJ-Classifieds Maps module 
75. (!) Problem with calendar in date field inserter in Ask Seller Form 
76. (+) Increased max size of image up to 10MB 
77. (!) Resolved problem with apostrophes in auction labels. 
78. (+) Optimization - All regions and categories selectors loading changed to Ajax requests. 
79. (+) Possibility to show adverts number in "DJ-Classifieds regions module" 
80. (+) -
81. (+) New Statistic module 
82. (++) It is possible to select which columns should be displayed on desktop, tablet, or mobile.  
83. (+) Possibility to change path for default images
84. (+) Items units for BuyNow defined in the administrator 
85. (++) Deleted [] from search URL 
86. (+) Displayed address used for geolocation in search module.
87. (+) Unlimited days number in durations.
88. (+) User points changed to RWD view 
89. (+) Parameter 'Category desc in subcategories' to hide description of subcategories displayed in adverts. 
90. (+) Possibility to override categories parameters in tables/blogs menu 
91. (+) Possibility to override parameters of blog view 
92. (!) User points packages view, changed round limit (to 4 decimal places) for price per points value

We're now waiting for your feedback regarding this version - if any issues are found, please report them to us so we can fix them for a stable release. If you find any bugs, please let us know.

IMPORTANT: If you've been testing the BETA version, please DO NOT update it to the RC version, as it will cause bugs. You'll need to install the RC version from scratch.