See what's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.4

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See what's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.4
23 September 2015
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See what's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.4

26 November, 2021

The stable release of DJ-Classifieds 3.4 was just released. This is a major update so we suggest everyone to update to the latest version.

In this article I’ll show you what was changed and added.

1. Unlimited durations

Now you can set unlimited duration for adverts. This way they’ll never expire. See how you can set unlimited durations in DJ-Classifieds.

2. Geolocation

We’ve added another geolocation feature to Search module. See how geolocation is used with DJ-Classifieds search module.

3. Copy of Ask Seller form sent to admin

See how to enable sending copies of Ask Seller form to administrator

4. Statistics module

See how statistics module for DJ-Classifieds works

5. Save a copy of advert

Now you can use Save as Copy function when editing advert in backend

6. Custom units for “Buy now"

If you use "Buy now" functionality you can define unlimited types of units of items to sell like pieces, sets, pairs etc

7. Displaying rules for mobile and tablets in table view

See how you can set rules of displaying DJ-Classifieds on mobile devices

8. Default user's avatar

If user's avatar source is DJ-Classifieds component and user didn't set the avatar, deafult picture will be displayed. If you want to replace the image you'll find it in directory:


9. User points page went fully responsive

User points view got better responsive behaviour.

10. Path for default placeholders

See how to set your own path for default placeholder image

11. Maps module - set default country for places API

Learn how you can set deafult country that you want to search in.

12. Option to show adverts number on DJ-Classifieds regions module

See how you can display amount of adverts in regions module

13. Selecting parent region in DJ-Classifieds regions module

Learn how you can show only selected region in module

14. Possibility of disabling category description

See how to hide category description

15. Sorting categories in backend

See how you can sort categories

16. Displaying all categories in module

You can display all categories expanded in DJ-Classifieds Menu module.

17. Information about user points

There's information about possibility of using points to pay for posting ad. You can change the text of this note in language file.

18. Tooltips on smart table view

Now you can display tooltips in smart table view.

19. New “Clean” theme

Now you can find new theme in themes list in options. It's still in the developement so let us know if you like it.

See new beta DJ-Classifieds demo site.


Want to learn more?

Read the changelog of the stable version

and previous post about:


As usual remember to make a backup first before updating. Even we have tested it inside out it's always good to have a backup!:)

If you're using dedicated templates for DJ-Classifieds make sure they're updated as well as there might be slight differences in new versions.

Tell us in comments if you like this update!

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