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DJ-Classifieds 3.5 - where we at?
15 September 2016
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DJ-Classifieds 3.5 - where we at?

26 November, 2021

You might be thinking what's happening over with DJ-Classifieds version 3.5? It has been quite a while since I updated you about latest progress and what you can expect in upcoming version.

I will provide quick summary of the recent status and works on it.

Where we at with DJ-Classifieds 3.5?

  • Currently DJ-Classifieds 3.5 is in RC version (we have received suggestions as well as fixed bugs that were found by beta testers)
  • Joomla-Monster is inspecting latest version for compatibility with their classifieds Joomla templates

What can you expect in stable version?

There are about 80 changes including fixes and new features. The complete change log will be provided once we release the stable version.

Most important new features:

  • Coupons app
  • Remembering member's details when they're posting another advert (autofill). There's now a intuitive way to add default values for categories and contact fields basing on fields from profile.
  • Recaptcha 2.0 support
  • Watermarks generation can be excluded from profile images (if you do not want to brand them)
  • Google Maps module will allow to set the categories it'll display the adverts from
  • Menu/Categories module will have now option to select the category (in case you need to display subcategories of particular category site-wide)
  • Improved search with option to search by
    • advert ID
    • username/name
    • filter by adverts with "Buy Now" option only
  • Autocomplete now works fine with regions as well as let's you click in the result in the suggestion box to be automatically moved to the results page
  • many details improved, for example:
    • arrows in ordering showing the ordering direction
    • new module positions inside the component views (for example the ones the displays only when the advert was published for free - in this case administrator will have option to put the Adsense or other ads in those)
    • better "show on click" behavior
    • improved "Items" module for better responsive (RDW) behavior - amount of columns adapts to the screen size
    • better information about unfilled fields when submitting ads
    • new tag for email templates for UDDEIM integration [[message_inputbox]]

Bad news

We're deeply sorry but unfortunately we were not able to fit one of the expected features in this update. I mean the advanced Location module (the solution to allow to "remember" the location of the user and then browse through the classifieds section with that location in mind). We'll release this feature soon after releasing stable 3.5 version. We want to take as much care when releasing this feature as possible though we were not able to add this to this release.

What's next?

Once we do more internal tests as well as Joomla-Monster team will verify their templates to see what changes have to be made to them to handle all new features we'll release the stable version.


If you have any questions regarding DJ-Classifieds 3.5 feel free to comment or contact us via help desk.