DJ-Classifieds 3.6 has landed

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DJ-Classifieds 3.6 has landed
23 January 2017
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DJ-Classifieds 3.6 has landed

26 November, 2021

Version 3.6 stable of the best classifieds ads for Joomla is here. As usual, we introduce new features, fixes, and enhancements.

You can learn about all the changes in the changelog.

List of most important changes:

Better control of promotions + new way to charge users!

The most significant new feature is Promotion Durations. This new option lets you set different durations for promotions that are independent of the advert's duration time. Until now the chosen promotion lasted as long as the advert was published if the promotion was chosen by the advertiser during ad's submission.

The good example of the setup will be when your user submits new advert for 30 days of publication; he can now choose the promotion of the advert to last for example only seven days (earlier the promotion would last for 30 days). You can also set different prices for each promotion's length.
Learn more about this new feature from the article: Promotion Durations

Do you want to show your users what adverts they recently viewed?

Another cool feature you can find in the Items module is Recently Viewed Ads. The powerful Items module has now the new feature that allows you to do that. Set the ads limit and storage time, choose the function in the module, and you are ready to go.

Learn all about how to set Recently Viewed Ads in DJ-Classifieds.

Display Google Maps as you want it in advert details and modules!

We have added neat little functionality that will change the way you look at Google Maps.
It is now possible to adjust it to look exactly how you need it to fit your website design.
Learn more about customizing Google Maps in DJ-Classifieds

We've also added the option to disable mouse scrolling the map - check how to disable mouse scrolling on Google Maps module and in advert details.

Ever struggled with dates format in custom fields?

Now you can customize them. DJ-Classifieds provides different extra field types: input box, text area, select list, radio, checkbox, link, date, date from-to.
Now every date field can have a different format, and in case your website is multilingual it will also translate months to the chosen language.

Read about setting custom date formats in additional fields

Better look at available tags in e-mail templates

We have adjusted the way e-mail tags show up under e-mail templates. From now under each one, you will see only tags that can be used in the e-mail template you are editing. This little change will make working with the email templates more convenient.
Here is the short article explaining how tags for e-mail templates in DJ-Classifieds are now displayed.

Additionally the e-mail tags work in the e-mail titles as well.

Premium Apps updated

We have also updated 3 Apps to work fine with this version:

What more?

  • Few changes will help developers - we have added new triggers.
  • We have added the option to translate payments methods in administrator list, for example, djcfBankTransfer=>Offline Payment using language overrides
  • Smaller and larger fixes were applied to this version
  • The Subscription Plans App was updated as well, so if it should also be updated
  • Check changelog to see what changed

How to update?

Learn how to update DJ-Classifieds and best practices about updating Joomla extensions.

Notice: If you are using overrides for the DJ-Classifieds themes or 3rd party template - make sure that it is compatible with this version of the component. If you are not sure, just make a backup of your site first and then update DJ-Classifieds to see if all works well after the update so you can restore the previous version if any issues.

Download DJ-Classifieds 3.6

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