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DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 with OpenStreetMaps, advert hits and more features released
28 January 2019
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DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 with OpenStreetMaps, advert hits and more features released

26 November, 2021

It took few weeks since we've released the DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 Beta version. There are new features and fixes, and the stable version is finally ready!

Thank you to everyone who commented on the beta version, shared their insights, remarks, and ideas with us. We appreciate it very much.

The main new features in this stable release are (read beta release note from the Blog to learn more):

  • OpenStreetMap Support
  • Possibility to edit password, email address, and name in DJ-Classifieds user profile.

New features added to DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 stable version

Number of advert display (hits) available in backend and frontend of the advert

Now your visitors can see the number of visits to the advert in the Advert details section:

The very same number is also visible in the backend for the website administrator when editing the advert:

Support Widget

The support widget is a new feature that will help you to faster find the answers for common questions and contact us directly from the DJ-Classifieds component's backend.

The widget is automatically published in the DJ-Classifieds backend and you can easily disable it if not needed.

Once you update DJ-Classifieds to version 3.7.6 you will notice a small icon in the bottom right corner of DJ-Classifieds component. Once clicked you can see the available options:

 The widget lets you browse:

  • Extensions' documentation articles and tutorials (Knowledge Base)
  • Add Support tickets (Tickets)
  • And talk to the Bot - this is the bot you can ask questions about answers you're looking for and basing on the contents in our Knowledge Base - receive suggested articles

Please note that we're constantly adding the articles to this widget and soon you will be able to browse all the extensions' documentation and tutorials.

You can enable or disable the widget. To do so, open the DJ-Classifieds component, go to "Options", choose "Global parameters" and there you will find the "Support widget" option.

Authorize.net API update

AuthorizeNet is a payment plugin compatible with DJ-Classifieds. This means that users are able to make payments with it.

This plugin was added some time ago, and in the meantime, AuthorizeNet changed its API and the plugin did not work for a while.

We have done an update for the new API and payments are now working properly.

Learn more about the AuthorizeNet payment plugin


You can also find fixes for the issues that were noticed. Check the changelog to see the whole list of changes and fixes.

  • (!) Disabled generating coordinates when there are no Google Maps Keys
  • (!) Resolved problems with old links structure in the adverts RSS feed
  • (!) Resolved problem with warnings on adverts list
  • (!) Resolved problem with Terms & conditions checkbox labels
  • (!) Resolved problem with 'action' attr. in front-end forms
  • (!) Resolved problem with Bank Transfer payment for guests
  • (!) Resolved problem with Leaflet maps module with no markers
  • (!) Resolved problem with Ask seller form & localization in profile without profile fields
  • (!) Resolved problem with Double slash in paths to promotions images on Add item view
  • (!) Resolved problem with Duplicated 'calendar-setup.js' script
  • (!) Resolved problem with Double price in single ad view
  • (!) Resolved problem with All & regions menu item meta description & keywords
  • (!) Resolved problem with Auction timer when bids closed
  • (!) Resolved problem with 'Undefined variable: marker_txt' profile
  • (!) Resolved problem with PriceFormat decimal points in payment view
  • (!) Resolved problem with Profile ask seller redirection

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