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DJ-Classifieds with two new features and fixed bugs
18 April 2019
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DJ-Classifieds with two new features and fixed bugs

26 November, 2021

We have just released another update for DJ-Classifieds.

Recently we have updated our classified ads extension to version 3.7.7 that brought bigger changes, and today we're releasing the version with two new features and some fixes.

Autocomplete for locations in profiles.

Now you can use the suggestions from OpenStreetMap also in the profile search module. The module allows searching for the profiles of users, now with the option to use the suggestions from OpenStreetMap API.

You can learn more about the Profiles search module from the video:

Profiles list with the location search can be found on our demo sites:

New module position in the DJ-Classifieds Cpanel.

A great place to add the Admin Stats DJ-Classifieds module.

Learn more about the Admin Stats Module

The new module position is "djcf-cpanel".

To enable the Admin Stats module in the DJ-Classifieds Panel you need to do what's explained in the mentioned article and use the "djcf-cpanel" module position and save the module:

now you can see the admin stats module in DJ-Classifieds Control Panel

There are also several bugs fixed - check the changelog.

Joomla-Monster templates were updated to the latest version too. Learn more in the blog post: 5 Joomla classifieds templates have been updated

More about this update

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