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DJ-Classifieds Importer component updated
08 October 2018
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DJ-Classifieds Importer component updated

26 November, 2021

With DJ-Classifieds Importer component, it is easy to import ads to DJ-Classifieds from the external feeds. We have just released the updated version that brings two new parameters suggested by users.

Important Note: We distribute the DJ-Classifieds-Importer component along with the active subscription of DJ-Classifieds. That means that if your subscription for DJ-Classifieds is active, you can download and use the DJ-Classifieds-Importer component for free.
- The tool is for those who understand and want to set the import themselves (mainly developers).
- The support for DJ-Classifieds DOES NOT include the service to set up the XML/feed or DJ-Classifieds-Importer setup.
- We do not guarantee it will work for everyone and every possible setup.
Each XML is different and requires time and knowledge for the setup and tests, though we do not provide free setup or support for DJ-Classifieds-Importer.
If the tool is to complex for you and you need assistance to set up the import from your feed/XML, please contact us to quote the setup of DJ-Classifieds-Importer for your website.
In this case, please provide the XML you want to integrate and all the needed details, and we'll get back to you with the estimation.
Contact us.

The latest version 1.3 adds support for two new parameters: 

  • user_id
  • user_email 

In user_id you can just provide the ID of the existing Joomla user.

With user_email system will find the user's ID by comparing the email from the database.

If those fields are empty or missing system will use the default user from feed configuration.

Learn more about Importer component for DJ-Classifieds