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DJ-Classifieds LogMan integration
25 October 2017
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DJ-Classifieds LogMan integration

26 November, 2021

This integration of DJ-Classifieds with LogMan from JoomlaTools lets you record the changes in DJ-Classifieds. With LogMan you can easily keep track of the changes on your website and what users have done.

The plugin logs adding, editing, deleting, publishing, unpublishing actions for the following elements:

  • categories
  • adverts (+ archiving action)
  • extra fields
  • regions
  • promotions
  • durations
  • advert types
  • point packages
  • item units

It also logs:

  • adding, editing and deleting actions for User Points.
  • editing action for User Profiles and Email Templates.
  • changing Payment Statuses.

You can learn more about Logman here.

This is another great integration for DJ-Classifieds. Check other integrations for DJ-Classifieds.

You can get the Logman integration for free from the downloads section if you are an active subscriber.

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