DJ-Classifieds update - version 3.2 beta

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DJ-Classifieds update - version 3.2 beta
15 January 2014
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DJ-Classifieds update - version 3.2 beta

26 November, 2021

Great news! New, big update of DJ-Classifieds was released. For now it's beta version. Stable DJ-Classifieds 3.2 should be ready within few weeks.

This time number of new features is huge. Main of them are:

User profiles - Now each user has his own profile. You can define custom fields and assign them to user profile. Contact data from profile is used while posting new ad.

Images multiupload - Uploading images, ordering and adding caption is easier than ever before. Those of you who use DJ-MediaTools may find this feature familiar and you'd be right. Changes in custom fields. Now you can choose where certain field will be used - in item description, contact section or user profile.


  • Unregistered users who posted ads are now able to edit their ads via special link sended to their email. And when they decide to register all ads made by them previously will be assigned to their account!
  • Limit of ads per user. Now you can set maximal number of ads which user can post. It concerns also guests who post ads without registration (based on email address).
  • Improved renew function - now user can change duration when renewing an ad.
  • New layout of item module - image slider
  • Possibility to select different theme in each category
  • Improvements of locations. Users who posts ads can set exact location by simply dragging marker on map or get it from browser. Counting distance is improved and google map 'get directions' function is supported.

Some other new features are:

  • Sort function in category blog view
  • improvements in items module
  • ordering of custom fields
  • Persian callendar
  • Menu sufix in class of ul element in modules

What should I do to test the beta version?
You have two options:

  1. You can just download and install it on clean installation of Joomla (or on site where you want to test it and you feel secure that something can go wrong there [it’s a beta version])
  2. You can do the regular update on your current joomla installation. Remember that this is a beta version, it’s not yet ready for live sites. So if your site is a production website built on Joomla the good way would be to make a copy of the site and install it in different location to test all the new features and if the update in your case goes smooth.

Active subscribers can download the beta version from here.

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