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dj-classifieds big update
26 November, 2021
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Dj-Classifieds Update to Version 3.2 RC

26 November, 2021

We've just released the RC version of DJ-Classifieds 3.2.

After the beta version, we received great feedback from our users, so we were able to track and fix all reported issues and add some new features.

Below is a short changelog with the most important fixes and updates.

Once the stable version is released, we'll post the full changelog for this version.

  • (!) Fixed displaying field values in the items table

  • (!) Fixed category image displaying in items module

  • (+) New Plugin triggers:

    • after saving the advert - onAfterDJClassifiedsSaveAdvert

    • after displaying title - afterDJClassifiedsDisplayTitle

    • before displaying description - beforeDJClassifiedsDisplayContent

    • after displaying description - afterDJClassifiedsDisplayContent

  • (!) Repaired Tooltip problem in new advert form

  • (+) Settings of Price unit position take effect also in edition form

  • (+) When "price negotiable" is checked and no price is entered, then this label is shown in the advert details

  • (!) Repaired search only with images

  • (!) Resolved some problems with displaying thumbnails after multi-upload

  • (!) repaired deleting all advert images after deleting one.

  • (+) ALT for category images

  • (!) Repaired Add advert link in User Menu module

  • (!) Repaired image preview in multi-upload

This version is available for all active subscribers