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DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.4 BETA released
16 July 2015
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DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.4 BETA released

26 November, 2021

We've just released DJ-Classifieds version 3.4 Beta.

This beta is ready for your tests.


*Remember that this version is not ready for production sites, it's meant for testing purposes so you can check new features and report bugs if any found so we can fix them in stable version. It's recommended to make a copy of your Joomla installation and update DJ-Classifieds on the copy instance and then perform the checks*

Some of the improvements:

  • Adverts Archive - each advert can be archived by administrator or by user on frontend. Administrator can set what happens when user deletes the advert it can either be deleted or go to Archive. If archived the advert is still visible on page via it's URL but is not searchable via DJ-Classifieds. Administrator can also archive adverts manually via admin panel
  • Default profile image
  • Default image in advert details
  • Copy of „Contact this advetiser" message can now go to administrator's email as well
  • Facebook comments - administrator can manage the comments
  • Filter „Auctions only" in Items module - so users can search for adverts with auctions only
  • Date is now pulled from Joomla rather than databse
  • Better email templates
  • Community Builder integration
  • No captcha
  • Search adverts by ID
  • New custom field type - show on click
  • Mask bidder name in auctions
  • Mobile support for telephone numbers - when on mobile you can now tap the number to call the advertiser
  • Save as copy for adverts in administrator panel
  • Experimental - Buy now feature - it's possible now for users to sell products directly from the adverts. This is experimental feature for now and for sure will be developed further (we plan to add option for users to pay for the product directly via Paypal - another feature we consider to add is charging the advertiser for choosing option to sell thru the advert so website administrator can benefit extra $ if advertiser choose to let users purchase their products). - more info about this feature soon
  • Experimental - Product options for Buy now feature - each product in advert can have its variants - more info about this feature soon
  • Option to choose layout for adverts in user profile

You can check the whole changelog to see the rest of new features and fixes performed.

All active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds or Bundles with DJ-Classifieds can download it from download section.

Please let us know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions on how we can improve the stable version.

Any feedback appriciated!

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