Tuesday, 10 March 2020 12:14
Modified: Tuesday, 10 March 2020 14:58

DJ-Classifieds conditional fields

We have just rolled out the Beta version of DJ-Classifieds with category conditional fields functionality.

We tried to implement conditional fields in the most straightforward way possible. That is easy to maintain for current and new DJ-Classifieds users; we are also aware that you may have your ideas regarding how we should develop the conditional fields further, though we'd like to ask you for feedback.

You can help us enhance this feature and test it for your scenarios and provide us with some feedback that will help make this feature reliable for the stable release and address as much needs as possible.

How to use conditional fields in DJ-Classifieds?

The logic behind conditional fields in DJ-Classifieds is quite simple. When you edit the custom field, you can set the condition when this field should be displayed.

For example:

If a user posts a new advert with an item for sale and selects that the condition of this item is "Used," we will display an extra field where the user can choose if good or bad the used item condition is.

We want to achieve, so when posting an advert user selects that item is Used, we will introduce him with the additional field to specify if the condition is good or bad.

For this we will need:

  • custom field with Used/New values [used_new]

exemplary setting:

Used / new values

  • custom field with Good/Bad values [good_bad]

exemplary setting:

Good / bad values

  • in the field [good_bad], we need to specify the condition to happen, so this field appears (do it in new Conditional options tab)

conditional options tab

The effect on the Submission form

Now when user posts and advert and choose the "Used" as the condition, the new extra field will appear with "Good" and "Bad" options to select.

Conditional field

The effect in Search & Filter module

Conditional field

Where do conditional fields work?

It works in the submission form (when adding an advert) as well as in the Search/Filters module.

Who can test the Beta version with conditional fields?

All active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds can download the beta version from the downloads section.

Where to report the feedback?

Please use our community forum and post your findings as either Idea, Problem, or Question in DJ-Classifieds category.

Can I use this version on production websites?

We do not recommend installing this version on production websites. If you want to test it, please do it on clean Joomla install or make a copy of your current website where you can play with it.

More about this release

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