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Ghost Ads - new app for DJ-Classifieds!
17 October 2017
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Ghost Ads - new app for DJ-Classifieds!

26 November, 2021


Keep the light version of deleted Adverts! The new App for DJ-Classifieds - Ghost Ads was just published.

The “Ghost Ads” App allows keeping the adverts online even when they were deleted by the user. The administrator can then decide if he wants to keep the advert as a Ghost Ad or to delete it completely.

Great feature for improved SEO to keep your good performing URLs that bring the traffic active.

Why this app?

Originally the deleted ad’s URL would display 404 or adverts list (depending on your settings). With the new App, you can leave the content of the ad under the original URL and benefit from the traffic it generates!

More info

  • The new App is available automatically for all users with active DJ-Classifieds + All Apps plan. All you need to do is log in to your account at DJ-Extensions and visit Premium Apps downloads area.
  • you can get the Ghost Ads App for $9 or in apps bundle!
  • this is our 9th App for DJ-Classifieds - visit the Apps page to see other Apps!

If you have any questions regarding this App let us know in comments!

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