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Introducing DJ-Classifieds 3.7.4 stable version
25 September 2018
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Introducing DJ-Classifieds 3.7.4 stable version

26 November, 2021

It was a while since we have released the Release Candidate version of DJ-Classifieds 3.7.4 in August. Now it's time to go stable! We have added some new features and fixes since version RC.

The RC version introduced new features that we have explained in the article [BETA RELEASE] DJ-Classifieds updated with user Profile contact form and extended Export feature. If you do not want to read it know, I will briefly recall that the most essential features below the new one. Click here to jump to that section.

Now we have 24 new features, and 16 fixes added. So do not wait and update DJ-Classifieds soon to benefit all of those! (btw. all Joomla-Monster's templates were updated as well, so all of them benefit from all the new features too.)

The new features you have not heard yet (introduced in the stable version and not present in the RC one) are:

Speed up the page loading by replacing Google Maps with the static image

This new feature will make your website faster, less bandwidth consuming, and reducing requests to Google Maps.

There is a basic idea behind it. When you enable this feature instead of loading the Google Maps everytime the advert details page opens the map will load only when the user requests it by clicking the "Show map" button.

There are many benefits of this simple switch.

Learn more about it from this article: Show Google Maps on click instead of loading it every time.

Microdata tags support advert details and user profiles

Google loves it so will your website!

We’ve added the following tags for DJ-Classifieds advert details:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Website
  • Images

Additionally, we have added the author name tag in the offer seller view.

Learn more about this feature from the article: Support in advert details for microdata tags from Schema.org.

It is available out of the box after installation of the latest version.

Updated PayPal payment plugin

Some IP addresses were blocked on www.paypal.com during the payment confirmation process. We’ve changed the method of confirmation to cUrl and made other needed changes so it won't happen anymore.

The plugin is automatically updated when you install the latest version of DJ-Classifieds. You can also download the plugin directly from the downloads section of DJ-Classifieds.

Important features introduced in DJ-Classifieds 3.7.4 RC

  • Export to XML file (GDPR related) - exporting profiles and items
  • Deleting user profiles (GDPR related) - This feature allows you to clear the profile according to the GDPR policy.
  • improved autocomplete feature - you can choose what will be suggested when typing in the search input
  • Maximum number of adverts per minute, hour or day (if someone is overusing your great website )
  • Contact form in user Profile
  • Possibility to assign selected custom fields to all subcategories
  • Use another WYSIWYG editor than default TinyMCE for description.
  • WhatsApp field Automatic link generation
  • and some more - check the article about RC version to see the complete information.

What about the Joomla! templates for DJ-Classifieds?

Yeah, we have updated all of them too. All of 12 Joomla-Monster's templates that supports DJ-Classifieds (+ usually other extensions) were also updated.

If you're planning to build a new website you can use the included quickstarts to install and start filling with your content. Your new classified ads website can be ready within a few days (or hours!).

Here's the list of updated templates so you can learn more about them if you're not familiar yet:

More about this update