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It's here! DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2 Stable
17 February 2016
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It's here! DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2 Stable

26 November, 2021

DJ-Classifieds version 3.4.2 stable was just release and is ready for updates and downloads for all active subscribers.

This Update brings new features as well as many fixes, totally about 60 changes! You'll find the changes in the component as well as in Subscription Plans App.

The most important new functionalities

New features also include

  • New email template to guest user after advert publication.
  • New email after adding points to user account
  • Category filter in custom fields in administrator
  • Selection sorting fields in Smart Table view
  • Image gallery support for mobile devices
  • Possible to hide custom fields in search
  • Search adverts by ID in backend
  • Profile fields in registration now ordered by ordering set in administrator instead of name
  • Added support for old version of DJ-MediaTools
  • Unlimited number of days for advert duration
  • [Subscription Plans App] Expired plans and actived plans splitted to separate blocks
  • [Subscription Plans App] Message in add advert page when user have subscription plan
  • [Subscription Plans App] New parameter "Plan required?" - Adverts can be added only via subscription plans
  • [Subscription Plans App] New parameter "Plan autoselect" - If user have active plan then it will be automatically applied during advert creation
  • [Subscription Plans App] New view in administrator where you can manage Users Subscription Plans
  • [Subscription Plans App] "Unlimited" labels for durations

Check whole changelog of all changes and fixes introduced in version 3.4.2 of DJ-Classifieds

You may be also interested (we've explained there some more functionalities not covered in this article):

New App - Multicategories

We've just released the new App - Multicategories for DJ-Classifieds.

This app allows administrator to set limit of additional categories to which each advert can be added - learn more and read the tutorial about the multicategories app.

This is another App that let's you make DJ-Classifieds even better. Earlier we have released:

What's next?

Soon we'll introduce another new app with Uddeim support for DJ-Classifieds that will allow to send private messages between users using this great messaging extension.

What else you should know

As usual we encourage you to post your ideas on this forum. You can also leave your comments below regarding this release as well as ask us directly using our helpdesk :)

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