Magnific Popup for DJ-Classifieds

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Magnific Popup for DJ-Classifieds
20 November 2017
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Magnific Popup for DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

The updated version of DJ-Classifieds - was just released. This version brings a new way to display images in the popup.

Before version DJ-Classifieds offered two methods of displaying the pictures in the modal/popup - Slimbox and PicBox. Today we are introducing the new way - Magnific Popup.

With Magnific Popup the pictures of the advert will be displayed:

  • on gray transparent background
  • with left and right arrows to switch between other images in the advert's gallery
  • and names of the images or pictures.

Enabling Magnific Popup

To enable the magnific popup go to DJ-Classifieds -> Options -> Images tab and in Lightbox type choose "Magnific Popup". Save the settings.

More info

In this version, we have also fixed the issue with generating the links to the categories that were present in some situations.


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