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New App, DJ-Classifieds Update and AJAX Search App update
20 April 2017
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New App, DJ-Classifieds Update and AJAX Search App update

26 November, 2021

Today we have few updates for you related to DJ-Classifieds. That is: New DJ-Classifieds App - Search Alerts, updated version of DJ-Classifieds and updated App - Ajax Search.

Search Alerts App

In simple words with this (8th!) App users can perform search and save it as "Saved Search".

The search can contain any settings that can be done via the filters/search module, so it can contain any attributes as a category, custom fields, locations and so on.

When there is a new advert on the website that meets the "Saved Search" criteria, Search Alert is sent to user's email address. Users can manage their saved searches in their profiles.

You can get it for $19.

Read tutorial about installing, setting and using Search Alerts App.

DJ-Classifieds 3.6.4

Version 3.6.4 was introduced. It brings minor fixes and Search Alerts App support.

Update now. - How to update DJ-Classifieds

Ajax App 1.2

The Ajax search had also been updated to work with Search Alerts App.

The app is available for active subscribers in the downloads section. Just download it and install.

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