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New DJ-Classifieds demo site and new quickstart package available
26 November 2021
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New DJ-Classifieds demo site and new quickstart package available

26 November, 2021

New DJ-Classifieds demo site

The DJ-Classifieds demo site was just updated. Now it's easier to see all the Joomla ads extension possibilities.

For the demo site we’ve used the view from the JM Joomads Joomla classified ads template included in the Joomla-Monster template collection.

See how we’ve got you covered with other views available in the online demo:

The category table layout advert view


Single advert view

We've built it from scratch based on this responsive template and displayed most of the possible options.

It better shows the features you’ll find in this powerful Joomla component.

Check the DJ-Classifieds online demo for a trial run

New DJ-Classifieds Quickstart package 

We have also added a new Quickstart installer of the demo to the DJ-Classifieds download section. You'll find the package in download section under "quickstart" submenu in DJ-Classifieds menu.

Important - the new quickstart is available to download for all customers who already bought the version with quickstart.

When you are the new customer and you purchase one of the plans that come with DJ-Classifieds quickstart you'll get access to the quickstart installer package.

Now you can achieve the same effect that you can see in our demo. The installation package can be easily installed like the regular Joomla installation.

You can buy the Joomla ads component along with Quickstart for $125 only!

Options to get DJ-Classifieds (click the option you are interested in):

DJ-Classifieds Demo quickstart is currently also included at the All extensions bundle ( DJ-Classifieds (+all Apps) + DJ-Catalog2 + DJ-MediaTools + DJ-MegaMenu + DJ-Reviews + DJ-Tabs + DJ-Flyer + DJ-Suggester + DJ-CookieMonster + DJ-Messages) in the:

  • MINI plan (6 months subscription worth $245)
  • PLUS plan (12 months subscription worth $340).

The package comes with the latest Joomla 3.8.12 version and the latest DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 version included.

Check the video explaining how to install quickstart package:

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about new demo site, let us know in the comments!

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