New features in Release Candidate of DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2

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New features in Release Candidate of DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2
28 January 2016
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New features in Release Candidate of DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2

26 November, 2021

The stable version 3.4.2 is almost there.

We've just released the Release Candidate version of DJ Classifieds 3.4.2. After getting feedback from beta users (thank you all) we've made some changes and we're almost ready to release the stable version.

Please note that this is Release Candidate version - not ready for production sites. Use it for tests only!

Read also what was added in Beta version of DJ-Classifieds 3.4.2 

Here's the list of changes:

"Show on click" for fields displayed in users profile on adverts details page

Now you can set the option “Show on click” also for fields in user profile. Once you edit the custom fields you can select "Show on click" in checkbox and after that this field's details will be revealed after click.

To set it go to: Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Extra Fields -> Choose the extra field you want to enable this feature on -> in details of this custom field scroll down to "Show value on click" setting, select "Yes" and save that field.

The field set to be showing value on click appear unrevealed and when the "show" link is clicked it reveals the full data from that field.

Auto-select last visited category in new advert creation form

This long awaited feature allows to "remember" the category that the user is currently browsing, and when he wants to post new advert the category he was browsing will be pre-selected in the form when posting new advert.


To set this feature on, go to: Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Options -> Global tab -> scroll down to "Advert Specific Settings" and find "Auto-select visited category" setting and set it to "Yes". Then save the settings.


When the user is browsing the categories, browsing search results or visiting some specific advert when the "Auto-select visited category" feature is set to "Yes" when the "Post new ad" link is clicked (let it be menu link or User Menu link) the category will be pre-selected in add new advert form.


Please test the RC version and if any bugs found contact us via Help Desk or here in comments.

The stable version should be released within 1-2 weeks.

All active subscribers can download the RC version from download section

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