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PayPlans and DJ-Classifieds integration
09 July 2020
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PayPlans and DJ-Classifieds integration

26 November, 2021

PayPlans membership & subscription extension for Joomla has been recently updated to 4.2 version Beta. This release comes with integration for DJ-Classifieds Joomla classified ads extension.

Integration with DJ-Classifieds

StackIdeas team has announced the availability of PayPlans 4.2 Beta. PayPlans is a Joomla extension that makes creating, selling, and managing subscriptions a much easier task.

The latest update allows users to assign DJ-Classifieds points to users when they purchase a plan in PayPlans.

Points in DJ-Classifieds

DJ-Classifieds extension gives the possibility to pay in points instead of using real money payments. The DJ-Classifieds points system is a feature that allows users to buy points and use them to pay for posting ads and certain (paid) actions in DJ-Classifieds.

Users can buy Points Package and then use points as regular currency.

The admin can set the exchange rate likes he wants. For example, 1 Point can be $1 or less or more.

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