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Search Alerts App with Follow Advertiser feature
09 July 2019
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Search Alerts App with Follow Advertiser feature

26 November, 2021

Search Alerts App for DJ-Classifieds allows you to follow the selected advertiser and his list of adverts. 

Search Alerts App for DJ-Classifieds
Search Alerts App will allow you to get more active users and keep them coming back every time something they are looking for was submitted to the classified ads section of the website. Every new advert added that meets the saved criteria, will cause an immediate reaction and the app will send the information to user's email address. This is one of the twelve applications for DJ-Classifieds.

Follow advertiser feature

You can use the "Save search" link visible at the user's profile and get email notifications once he adds a new advert to his list. 

With this feature, you'll always be up to date with the latest ads of someone who submitts interesting adverts.

The feature is visible in the "DJ-Classifieds - Search Alerts" plugin settings:

You can choose whether to display the "Save search" button in the user's profile or not (Yes/No button).

Another possibility is to define the position of the displayed link. 

Let's see how it looks on the front-page. The "Save search" button is visible at the user's profile at the top of the adverts list. 

To start using this feature, just click on the link.  As a result, these saved searches (like others) will be displayed in the "Saved search menu item." Users can manage saved searches there - delete them or visit links.

App bundles with lower prices

We have recently reviewed our prices for the DJ-Classifieds App Bundles and made them lower. 

Bundles contain from 3 to 12 Apps and are available in special prices when purchased in a bundle.

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