The ultimate guide for "My Account" setup in DJ-Classifieds

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The ultimate guide for "My Account" setup in DJ-Classifieds
17 May 2021
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The ultimate guide for "My Account" setup in DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

The user account in DJ-Classifieds is an extensive feature. It consists of many views, and each has a different purpose. This makes it very configurable. We have prepared the guide to help you manage the "My Account" section for your users.

 "My Account" configuration

My account panel offers a standard "My profile" view, but also you can display many other views that may be useful for the website's users. 

How to configure the "My Account" area for DJ-Classifieds in Joomla

Let's see the list of available My Account views:

  • Favorites - displays user's favorite ads
  • User bids - displays ads where the user placed a bid
  • User items - displays all ads submitted by the user
  • User orders history - displays the user's order history through the "Buy Now" option
  • Sales history - displays the user's sales history through the "Buy Now" option
  • User points - displays points packages and the number of points owned by the user
  • User subscription plans - displays the user's subscription plans
  • Offers received - displays received offers for user's ads
  • Offers submitted - displays offers posted by the user
  • Saved search - displays saved search criteria

The user does not have to configure each view. He can choose among them and customize his panel freely, depending on his needs.

See the DJ-Classifieds demo site

DJ-Classifieds Test Drive

The view from the image with My Account view comes from our setup on Test Drive for DJ-Classifieds.

You can log in to the backend using 'test' as username and password

DJ-Classifieds Test Drive

If you have an active DJ-Classifieds subscription, you can buy a Quickstart package only. The price is $50. Please contact us to purchase.

More information:

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