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DJ-ImageSlider 3.0.0
30 June 2015
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DJ-ImageSlider 3.0.0

26 November, 2021

We’re pleased to announce big update for DJ-ImageSlider - free Joomla slider extension.


Performance/code optimization

One of the biggest changes is that we’ve update the effects to use CSS3 instead of Javascript - that makes it faster and nicer on new browsers (we of course left backward compatibility - so in older browsers JS still will be used).

We’ve removed the CSS block from the head part. For Joomla 3 we switched to jQuery instead of Mootools (which is still present in Joomla 2.5 version of the extension). Full RTL support was added (including transition direction of the slides).  


Frontend & design

We have improved responsiveness, added better touch support, option for theming (you can now add own styling for your theme).

New responsive lightbox-like script for Joomla 3 was added - Magnific popup.  

You can now select if the slider should display bullets or numbers for slides:

The list of slide effects was extended (transition curve):


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