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DJ-ImageSlider - free Joomla slideshow extension updated!
02 November 2016
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DJ-ImageSlider - free Joomla slideshow extension updated!

26 November, 2021

The free slideshow / slider solution for Joomla was just updated to version 3.2.0 3.2.1.

There are three new features and 2 fixes in this update.

Custom ALT and TITLE image attributes in DJ-ImageSlider

You can now add custom title and alt attributes to any slide in DJ-ImageSlider component.

Till this version the alt tag was generated automatically from the slide's name you set in the slide's settings in the component. - read the tutorial here

"Loop once" feature added

This little nice feature lets you set the slideshow to go once and stop at the last slide.

You'll find this option in module under "Loop once" setting

More sorting options for slides!

We've added more options for ordering/sorting slides in module settings

Sort by:

  • File name ascending
  • File name descending
  • File/item date ascending
  • File/item date descending
  • Random

Important fix for windows/local servers

Earlier you could find that on Windows machines / local installations made on XAMPP or JAMPP the path to the themes were visible instead of option to choose the theme. It's now fixed.

DJ-ImageSlider is a great, free slideshow extensions for Joomla

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