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DJ-League with a new version at GitHub
20 January 2020
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DJ-League with a new version at GitHub

26 November, 2021

We've just added the DJ-League component to GitHub. One of the users created his DJ-League fork there!

Forking a repository means there is a new project based on the existing repository. This is a great feature that boosts extension development. At the GitHub, there is now a DJ-League copy of an existing repository, with some useful changes, and the new version is the new repository.

The user has added new features like Club, Players. Here is currently working to add after-game events (goalscorer, cards, etc.), event matches and statistics module for the frontpage.

Anyone using GitHub can download and test this new DJ-League version. It's free for everyone.

What is DJ-League?

It's the free sports management solution for Joomla that comes with many useful changes. 

The Joomla Sports Management extension allows creating a sports league, generate the matches schedule along with the table displaying the results of matches (score table).

See the demo site

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a website, project management and code versioning service made for developers. It allows working collaboratively with other people around the world, plan projects and track their work. GitHub is a great platform changing the way that developers work.

 Using GitHub is a great solution if you or your team are working on a project that requires constant updates and want to track changes made.

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