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DJ-MediaTools 2.14 update brings bug fixes
06 May 2019
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DJ-MediaTools 2.14 update brings bug fixes

26 November, 2021

DJ MediaTools has received yet another update, 2.14, which brings a few fixes requested by the users.

Here is the shortlist of recently encountered issues that have been corrected in this update:

  • Drag and drop custom items on published items

    Previously, if by browsing the custom items we filtered only (Published / Unpublished), the system blocked the sorting of Drag & Drop. Now it's enough to sort the filters in order (1 column), and the sorting is unlocked.

  • Error while creating Album on Joomla frontend

    When trying to create an album, the JS script referred to the description field that does not exist.

  • Problem with images optimize on the backend

    The JS code responsible for the optimization had a wrong URL.

    How to optimize images with lossless compression

  • Creating an album with ARK Editor

    If the ArkEditor was a default editor, there was an error when saving the album from the front of the page. It happened because of a reference to a non-existent Joomla editor object.

    How to create gallery right from the regular Joomla article with DJ-MediaTools

  • Autoplaying video on Vimeo streaming

    If Media Tools item came from Vimeo, then there was no autoplay. It was enough to copy the URL and paste it again. Old items without autoplay need to be saved once again.

    How to set a playback full video with sound and controls directly in the slideshow

Want to know more?

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Let us know in the comment what do you want to see in the next release!

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