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[Beta release] DJ-MediaTools 2.15.0b ready for your tests
10 June 2019
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[Beta release] DJ-MediaTools 2.15.0b ready for your tests

26 November, 2021

Beta release ready for your tests! Check the new options for slides customization (fonts, colors, sizes, etc), one change, and few bug fixes.

What’s new in the 2.15.0 Beta?

Improved slide customization

This release comes with big changes in slides customization. We have updated the DJ-MediaTools module, which is now easier to adjust, so you can display more creative slides using customized fonts, colors, titles, read more buttons, and give your slides unregular shapes thanks to the border-radius feature.

In short - you can give your slides a unique and modern look!

New settings are available in the "Customize layout" tab for DJ Media Tools module. You can easily control the display of every slide element.

The new parameters include settings for:

  • Title - color, transparency, font, font size
  • Description -  color, transparency, font, font size 
  • Background color - color and transparency of the description background
  • Readmore - color, transparency, font, font size
  • Border radius - benefit from the CSS border-radius feature for slides
  • Include Google Fonts - You can use generic system fonts or Google Fonts

Customize border-radius for custom shapes

There is also a possibility to add the CSS border-radius element that will significantly change the look of the slides.

We made an example of customization of the slide, wherein the configuration we also used the border-radius feature. 

Take a look at how a customized slide presents on the front page:

There is a tutorial in which we present all new options purposed for slide customization. The article will tell you what they are for. We also present our sample configuration there.

See how to customize a slide in DJ-MediaTools

DJ-Events parameters work in the DJ-MediaTools album 

The DJ-MediaTools album, with a DJ-Events source, works now with the date format settings defined for DJ-Events in the "Global settings" tab (earlier it took the date format from DJ-MediaTools instead of DJ-Events).

Now the date format set in the Global settings of DJ-Events is populated also to the DJ-MediaTools album display when the source is DJ-Events.

Please note that this is a BETA version, so besides it is not intended to be used on production sites (do not update it on the live site, please check it in your staging environment or website copy) it can have bugs (this is why the beta version is released to find as much as possible of them). So if any of the features mentioned here does not work good or you have noticed any issues, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write a comment below.

Download DJ-MediaTools BETA 2.15.0 here.

Want to know more?

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Let us know in the comment what do you think about the 2.15.0 Beta version.

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