DJ-MegaMenu Update - ver. 3.5.4

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DJ-MegaMenu Update - ver. 3.5.4
09 August 2017
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DJ-MegaMenu Update - ver. 3.5.4

26 November, 2021

We're happy to announce that DJ-MegaMenu has been updated. The current version is 3.5.4

There's a number of fixes in this update, mainly related to work on mobile devices like:

  • fixed page scrolling on mobile screens in some Joomla templates
  • fixed width of the menu in sticky mode (last menu item dropped to second line bug)
  • fixed closing mobile sub menu on toggler

Want to know more?

  • You will find the full list of changes in the change log for version 3.5.4. here.
  • If your subscription expired you can renew your subscription with 25% discount.
  • Check how you can update DJ-MegaMenu.
  • Visit DJ-MegaMenu product page to see all the features of our extension here.

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