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Introducing DJ-MegaMenu with Vertical Menu orientation
05 January 2018
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Introducing DJ-MegaMenu with Vertical Menu orientation

26 November, 2021

With the latest - 3.6.0 version of DJ-MegaMenu - Joomla Mega Menu we introduce new features and fixes. Vertical mega menu is here!

Vertical orientation of the menu (Available in Pro version)

The biggest new feature is the option to display the menu in the module in the vertical orientation.

We have prepared the tutorial that in few steps explains how you can create a new Joomla menu with the vertical orientation in DJ-MegaMenu.

You can also check the vertical menu on the DJ-MegaMenu Demo Page.

"Hidden" mobile menu option

A new feature was added in DJ-MegaMenu module in "Mobile Menu Options" tab. Now in the "Mobile Menu" select list, you can choose "Hidden" as a new state of the mobile menu.
When "Hidden" is set the mobile menu will not be displayed under the width set. Useful for example, when you have more than one Mega Menu on the site and do not want to all of them be visible in mobile views.

Improved layouts in the backend/control panel

We have made the settings sections more clear in the module and menu item settings (mega menu options) by adding better headings of the options groups.

Improved sticky menu

The Sticky Menu Mode was improved by not duplicating itself in sticky mode and better calculation of menu position.

Improved switching between the Mega and Mobile menu

Now the menu which is not in use (not visible) is detached from HTML document, so the search engines won't see duplication of the menu items.

We have also introduced some fixes for this release (check the changelog).

Want to know more about this release of DJ-MegaMenu?

Do you like the update with the vertical menu feature? Let us know in comments!