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DJ-MegaMenu update brings Joomla 4 Alpha compatibility and more changes
26 November 2021
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DJ-MegaMenu update brings Joomla 4 Alpha compatibility and more changes

26 November, 2021

We have just released a new version of DJ-MegaMenu, which comes with three new features and a bunch of bug fixes.

New Features

Joomla 4 is on the way coming. To prepare for this major Joomla release, we've just tested and released DJ Mega Menu 4.0.0 version compatible with Joomla 4 Alpha.

It's important to mention that selection of the effects of opening offcanvas in Joomla 4 has been removed due to the incompatibility of these effects with Bootstrap 4.

The Joomla 4 release will be the next step of Joomla series. Recently the Joomla! team has released Joomla! 3.9.0 version - you can discover Joomla 3.9 features here.

We have also added Font Awesome 5 as an option of "Include Font Awesome". You can choose which Font Awesome version will be loaded by the module.

DJ-MegaMenu themes were also adjusted for displaying Font Awesome 5 in the submenu.

Learn more about using FontAwesome 5 in DJ-MegaMenu.


There's also a number of fixes in this update. Some of them are:

  • fixed doubled mobile menu buttons in the Protostar template if menu is published in "position-1" module position
  • fixed displaying background image with enabled SEF
  • fixed icons alignment in the vertical menu type
  • fixed the mobile menu button height
  • fixed the select menu button layout

We need to remind you that the DJ-MegaMenu extension is available in two versions - premium and light.

The Light version does not require some premium features but you can download it for free and also easily upgrade to the Mega Menu Pro version if you need.


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