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DJ-Suggester Pro updated with Color Customizer + free version got pro features
25 June 2018
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DJ-Suggester Pro updated with Color Customizer + free version got pro features

26 November, 2021

The flyout box extension - DJ-Suggester and a free DJ-Suggester Light were updated to version 2.6.0. The commercial version has been enriched with additional features (color customizer), and the free version comes now with features previously available only in the pro version.

DJ-Suggester version 2.6.0

We've added the feature allowing to customize the look and feel of your box displaying a suggested content. You can easily modify the colors using the custom Theme in options. See the available settings below:

There was also added an integration with Joomla update system. You can now enter the license code in the plugin and quickly update your DJ-Suggester to the pro version. This is a similar function that we use in the DJ-MegaMenu extension.

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DJ-SuggesterLight version 2.6.0

For the DJ-SuggesterLight version 2.6.0, we've implemented some changes as well. Suggester themes were added including all predefined themes from Pro version. 

It looks similar in the case of animation - all animations from Pro version were included.

Thanks to the latest update, each DJ-Suggester Light use can now display the article image in suggestion flyout box!

The Article suggestion header override feature was also added here.

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