Tuesday, 03 November 2015 13:14
Modified: Sunday, 26 March 2017 14:39

Tabs for Joomla with K2 support

The new version of Tabs for Joomla extension - DJ-Tabs was just released.

This is a major update that brings many new features.

Below I'll explain the most important things you should know about this update. In short we've added K2 support, option to navigate thru tabs with arrows and tab key on the keyboard (WCAG compliance), mouse hover to open the tab, refreshed control panel and more, below you can read about the most important features and you can check all the changes in the changelog.

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K2 support

Now when K2 is installed, you'll find two new additional options when creating new item:

  • K2 Single Item
  • K2 Category

content tabs for Joomla and K2 support

When added they'll be marked on the items list in backend with K2 icon for easier identification:

tab module for joomla with K2 support

First image from article's content

This is really great and wanted feature. DJ Tabs wil scan your article and pull the first image and then use it.

tabs joomla module article image

Articles from last X days

You can now show only articles from the last X days (based on the current date).

highly customizable tabs for Joomla extension

Second 'Date format' parameter

The default "y.m.d" article's date format can now be changed

tabs with responsible layout

Open on mouse hover

You can now select whether tabs items should be displayed on click (by default) or on mouse hover

Joomla tabs with responsible layout

'Transition Speed' new parameter

You can now choose a duration of Tabs/Accordion items switching animation

content tabs module for joomla transition speed

'Scroll To Accordion Item' new parameter

You can now choose if a page should be scrolled to the top of an active Accordion item

Joomla tam module


Other new features worth mentioning 

  • Refreshed Control Panel component view's layout  
  • Displaying content in Articles added by and {loadmodule} tags
  • Refactored views structure to ease global template changes (component/module template files separated into common file partials)


  • Visit Tabs for Joomla page and see other features available in DJ-Tabs
  • Check the changelog and see all changes we've made
  • DJ-Tabs costs only $30 for 6 months and $45 for 12 months subscription and you can get it now with 20% discount (see below)


DISCOUNT: Starting from now till Sunday 8th November 23:59 CEST you can get DJ-Tabs, any Bundle that includes DJ-Tabs and developer licence 20% OFF using ZTG2NJ discount coupon.