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21 June, 2022
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DJ-Tabs extension has been updated to version 2.2

21 June, 2022

DJ-Tabs Joomla 4 tabs extension has been updated to version 2.2. We've added a few changes, including improvements and bug fixes.

What changes does the update bring?

The most important change is the implemented admin drag & drop ordering. You can drag and drop items in the component's panel.

Another change: The native support for license keys in Joomla 4 is now the only way to enter the license key for DJ-Tabs.

The license field placed in the tabs component in Joomla 4 has been removed, and users can only enter the license key in "update sites" in the Joomla 4 backend panel. There is a field to enter the "Download key."  

The version 2.2 changelog

  • admin drag and drop ordering
  • admin layout improvements
  • j4 license box removed
  • nested tabs script (FIX)
  • j4 admin lists ordering (FIX)
  • admin documentation link (FIX)

What is DJ-Tabs?

It's the Joomla 4 extension, that allows you to create content tabs and use them in different places on the web page, such as module position, inside articles, or as menu items.  Check the new DJ-Tabs Demo to show the possibilities and possible configurations it offers.

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