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13 July, 2022
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5 Creative Tactics to Boost Your Website Traffic and Conversions

13 July, 2022

Driving traffic to your website is no walk in the park.

You need to use reliable tools and develop the right strategies to run a traffic-generating website to ultimately get more conversions and sales.

However, even the best tools and strategies are not always enough to help you drive significant traffic.

One solution is to include creative tactics in your approach to increase traffic and boost your website visitors’ trust to help convert them into paying customers.

These five creative tactics kickstart your efforts to get more people on your website and conversion opportunities.

Publish temporary yet compelling content

Traffic-generating content doesn’t always have to be long or even last forever.

When designed and used strategically, photos, videos, and other visual content with a short shelf-life can effectively drive traffic to your social feeds and website.

For instance, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, but you can leverage these to create and share captivating content.

Use IG Stories to evoke your audience's fear of Missing Out (FOMO). It can help compel them to act quickly, or they lose getting your offer’s potential benefits.

For example, promote events or sales on your Instagram Stories and include links that lead your audiences directly to your landing or product pages.

It’s one way of getting visitors to your website and increasing your conversion and sales opportunities.

Include compelling images, design elements, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs). Also, follow content writing best practices to create captions that help make your offers irresistible to your audience.

Other ways to leverage Instagram Stories to drive website traffic include the following:

  • Use product stickers to make your IG Stories shoppable. Doing so lets users see the product details on your Stories or lead them directly to your product pages. It can entice them to learn more and buy on your website.

A classic example is clothing brand Anthropologie’s IG Story with the Tap to Shop sticker and Visit Link button.

  • Run brand-related IG Story polls and include a link to your website. For example, post a poll asking which product variation your audiences prefer and share more details about the results on your website.

Streamline creating captivating IG Stories and other content to increase your traffic.

Use nifty design project management software to help plan, develop, and distribute compelling content seamlessly.

Share your brand story

Creating content and sharing stories that make people feel their emotions can help convince them to act on your offers. 

After all, emotions are some of the strongest motivators that move people into action. 

However, you’ll need to nail your storytelling or share well-created stories to draw your potential customer’s attention and boost conversions.  

Share stories that convey your brand values. Use empathy, humor, thrill, and happiness to help your audience feel connected with your story.  

Remember the famous Super Bowl ad about a lost puppy that makes the long journey back home and gets saved from a wolf by its loyal horse friends?

Image source:

The video has millions of views on YouTube because it tugged on a lot of people’s heartstrings and made for one memorable ad.

Create a brand story that shows how your product or service can improve your customers’ lives and packs an emotional punch. It should also be easy for audiences to connect with.

Your brand story can be a video, infographic, and other content. Share them across your marketing channels to lead traffic to your website.

Use robust design project management software to simplify planning, creating, developing, and distributing your brand stories and other related content. It also streamlines collaboration among your team members.

Run flash sales

Running flash sales is one of the most sure-fire ways to get visitors to your website. It can also help raise your brand visibility, allow you to sell excess inventory, and get you sales during lean seasons.

Flash sales work because they create a sense of urgency, encouraging potential customers to check out your offers and buy quickly before the product runs out.

For instance, run a flash sale for 24 hours and include compelling CTAs to help drive traffic to your site and compel visitors into converting or buying.

The flash sale announcement below is a good example.

Image source:

While there are many ways to run flash sales, know what you should avoid increasing your chances of succeeding.

  • Run flash sales frequently. Space out your flash sales and avoid running them too frequently, or they can lose their appeal to your visitors.

        Consider running flash sales every three or four months or before and after the holiday season.

  • Focus on new and potential customers. While flash sales are great for drawing new visitors to your website, it’s also best to tailor your offers to your existing customers.

        Promote your flash sales across various channels. You can even use it to support your product marketing on Instagram.

Implement referral programs

Running referral programs can be a low-cost yet effective way to generate website traffic and acquire new customers.

Implement an effective referral program with these tips.

  • Offer a simple rewards system. A straightforward referral rewards system can entice more people to join your program. It can support your efforts to promote your products and services and generate website traffic.

For example, underwear company Spanx provides a no-nonsense program that offers referrers $20 for every successful referral.

Image source:
  • Provide cash reward alternatives. Offer cash reward alternatives to spice up your referral programs. For instance, provide premium features, first access to new products, and other exclusive offers.

Run your referral programs seamlessly to make your customer acquisition and traffic generation efforts more efficient.

Leverage reliable affiliate marketing software with features that address your business’ unique needs.

Send engaging marketing emails

Emails are excellent for nurturing and building relationships with your prospects and driving website traffic.

Create compelling marketing emails with these quick tips.

  • Use catchy subject lines that give your recipients a hint about the value your message and offer provides.
  • Create a sense of scarcity to entice readers to engage with your email content, learn more about your offers, and buy now.
  • Include social proof to help build trust with your contacts, enticing them to act on your offers.
  • Follow standard email design rules and best practices to increase your chances of succeeding and meeting your email marketing goals.

Get more traffic and higher conversion rates

Leverage creative and strategic tactics to help skyrocket your website traffic and your conversions and sales.

Follow best practices, use reliable tools and think outside the box when necessary to help refine your approach.