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15 September, 2023
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Case study: DJ-EcoFood - best solution for Joomla & WordPress online store

15 September, 2023

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, businesses in the organic food industry need to stay ahead. DJ-EcoFood steps up to the plate.

In this case study, we explore DJ-EcoFood, an eCommerce solution tailored for organic food businesses. Whether you prefer Joomla or WordPress, DJ-EcoFood offers quickstart solutions for both, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

At its core, DJ-EcoFood leverages WooCommerce for WordPress and DJ-Catalog2 for Joomla, providing a solid foundation for product management. What sets it apart is the integration with YOOtheme Pro, adding flexibility and design finesse.

Throughout this post, we highlight DJ-EcoFood's key features, showing how it can redefine online operations for organic food companies. From user-friendly interfaces to dynamic content, DJ-EcoFood is the choice for thriving in the competitive world of online organic food sales.

Whether you're a knowledgeable tech entrepreneur or a web developer in pursuit of the perfect solution to fulfill your client's requirements, let's explore the innovative realm of DJ-EcoFood and unveil the fundamental elements that establish it as a groundbreaking force in the eCommerce domain.

DJ-EcoFood for Joomla and WordPress

DJ-EcoFood eCommerce quickstart website is available in two version, for Joomla 4.x and for WordPress.

Joomla 4.x version

It’s a ready to use online shop based on Joomla 4.x, DJ-Catalog2 component, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin and YOOtheme Pro web builder. Configure delivery and payment methods, add your products and start making money online.

WordPress version

It's a fully prepared eCommerce website built on the WordPress platform, utilizing the WooCommerce plugin (not included), and powered by the YOOtheme Pro web builder. Establish your preferred shipping and payment options, incorporate your merchandise, and commence generating revenue on the internet.

eCommerce site main layout elements

The crucial elements required for a contemporary and effectiveeCommerce site are what we'll direct our attention.


The primary web page functions as the central showcase for the online store, serving as the first point of interaction for visitors. In addition, it incorporates essential elements like the brand's emblem, important details, pertinent visuals, and user-friendly functionalities. Furthermore, this page plays a crucial role in housing vital elements such as a product search tool, options for registration and login, along with various other significant components.


Establishing a well-defined framework for organizing hundreds or even thousands of products is of utmost importance. The available products can be categorized in accordance with your specific requirements. For instance, potential categories may be divided into healthy food, drinks, coffree, and so on, depending on your preferences.

Single product view

The individual product page holds immense significance as it necessitates the inclusion of various key details. These elements typically comprise the product title, images, a detailed description, pricing information, additional fields, and the essential option to "add to cart." Below, you can find an illustrative representation of what such a page might look like.

Featured products

Displaying featured products on the front page of an eCommerce website is effective because it grabs attention, showcases promotions, highlights best sellers, encourages exploration, improves aesthetics, saves time, targets seasonal trends, boosts click-throughs, reduces bounce rates, and optimizes conversions.

Blog section

A blog section is crucial for a successful eCommerce website. It boosts SEO, establishes authority and trust, engages customers, amplifies content, educates, announces promotions, and serves as a platform for brand storytelling. On the front-page you can consider displaying most important or newest blog entries!

The 'Supplier Catalogs

"The 'Supplier Catalogs' section on our example of the eCommerce website can be a valuable resource for customers. It features a curated list of trusted suppliers, each represented by their logo. There is also the essential information about each supplier, along with clickable PDF catalogs, making it effortless to explore products from the network of reliable partners.

The solution is based on the useful DJ-Flipbook plugin (included in the product's price), displaying PDF files in an attractive way (like a book.)

Contact us

The contact page functions as a medium for users to communicate problems or request support for their accounts. It should include relevant contact information that allows users to readily get in touch with the site administrator or support team for any necessary assistance or questions.

About us

Your "About Us" page serves as the platform to establish a connection with potential customers, a task that can be challenging when you're not engaging with them in person. It should encompass a range of details about the company, content designed to pique interest and foster trust.

Most important eCommerce website features

Let's explore the vital characteristics that a contemporary online store ought to possess. Here are a few instances of attributes that can notably enhance the website.

For crafting a polished shopping cart page, it is recommended to employ a ready-made solution crafted explicitly for this purpose and then customize it to align with your precise requirements.

Outlined below are the essential components that your platform will probably necessitate:

Registration and profile manage options

Enabling user registration and the creation of profiles is of paramount importance. Customer accounts provide online stores with the opportunity to comprehend your unique preferences, enhance your on-site experience by offering personalized recommendations, and maintain a record of previously viewed items. Additionally, these eCommerce accounts empower you to write reviews and become a part of the retailer's online community.

User profiles hold significant significance on websites, serving as the basis for algorithms that assess attractiveness and compatibility. Through registered profiles, users can provide relevant information about themselves and their preferences, thereby assisting the algorithm in delivering tailored advertisements that cater to their requirements. This ultimately enhances the overall user experience and boosts the effectiveness of the site's recommendation system.

User profile / My account

User profiles come with something more than a personal information. Some available options for user profiles include:

  • My Wishlist
  • My orders
  • Address Book

Shopping cart

A cart page plays a crucial role in any eCommerce website. It serves as a place where customers can view and store the items they are thinking about buying. Additionally, it provides the convenience of saving items for potential future purchases, thereby ensuring that your products remain prominent in the customer's mind as they navigate through the research phase of their shopping journey.


Having a robust search functionality is essential for a modern eCommerce platform. The primary objective is to aid users in finding the products they desire, and the online store should be prepared to handle various search functions.

Admin managing panel

The management admin panel plays a huge role for admins. With the most important options you can get control over:

  • Management of member profiles
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities

The cost of creating the modern eCommerce website

DJ-EcoFood quickstart website you can get for €54 only ( 6 months subscription). Of course, you will need a domain and paid hosting to install it. The website, once installed, will be based on the Joomla 4.x or WordPress CMS, which are free.

An additional cost is the purchase of the YOOtheme Pro web builder from the developer's website. Its price is €129 (1 year subscription.)

To sum up - in the amount of less than €200 you receive all the tools needed to launch a modern, functional online store.


There are 2 possible ways of the installation.

  • Quickstart installation

The Quickstart is the demo backup (.zip copy) from the demo server. It comes with Joomla/WordPress, and you install it like a regular Joomla/WordPress backup made by Akeeba Backup; after that, you get the same effect on demo pages.
You do not need to configure everything from scratch; the installation is easy and will take a few minutes only.

  • Installation from scratch

You get a set of files that allows you to install a website based on the DJ-EcoFood template/theme from scratch or install it on an existing website.

More about the installation you can learn from the installation guide:


The DJ-EcoFood solution provides a great opportunity for online store owners, regardless of their level of experience. It is a fast-launch eCommerce website compatible with Joomla 4.x and WordPress. With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, DJ-EcoFood stands out as a unique option in the market. Creating an attractive and fully functional online store website is made easy with the quickstart website and the YOOtheme Pro web builder.

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