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Classified ads website inspired by OLX
20 July 2018
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Classified ads website inspired by OLX

26 November, 2021

Planning to create a classified ads portal? Maybe you are inspired by such solution as OLX?
Check our latest product inspired by this popular service and built your own classified ads portal like OLX!

Classified ads platforms help people to list products and services for sale as well as those that are looking for items to purchase. Websites with ads are currently a favorite category of sites.

More and more people use those services to buy/sell things. Overall, creating a classifieds section is an easy way to get traffic, visitors, and of course money with user-created content.

It is a proven way to do business, build a community on the web and monetize.

Why is OLX a good example here?

OLX is an international, top-rated classifieds company that works in different countries around the world. OLX was Launched in 2006 with 330 million monthly active users currently. This portal is dynamic in 94 countries and has 42 languages available.

The platform owes its success to safety and seamless transactions between sellers and buyers. It’s a trusted marketplace to buy and sell your items/ products/services.

You should know that such a big project does not always require a lot of developers of work and money investment. Using the most popular Content Management System, like Joomla makes things much more comfortable.

All you need is the right template, extensions and customization work to get the job done.

IKS - classified ads website software

Create a classified ads website like well-known OLX with DJ Classifieds script. Use the complete tool implemented with a modern software to help you achieve your goals! Launch a modern, functional ads portal and make a spectacular impression on webpage’s visitors.

Our solution provides a balance of features and graphic design suited for the multipurpose site, but also highly configurable to fit more particular use cases.

We include a demo example of how we have customized JM IKS classified advertising website template to meet specific needs. You need to check it!

The template is based on DJ-Classifieds classified ads script purposed for ads portal. The component brings useful features including paid ads, auctions, buy now - earning money was never so simple!

Visit the official page of DJ Classifieds, classified ads software used here for the IKS website template.

Main template’s features are:

  • Full classified ads management tools (full control over all the adverts settings)
  • Mobile friendly Joomla template (It's 100% responsive & mobile friendly)
  • Product specification (create advanced product specification using custom fields)
  • SEO friendly classifieds software (optimize listings automatically without technical knowledge)
  • Flexibility in creating search criteria ( comfortable search allowing to get the most accurate results)
  • And many Other classified ads extension features (translations, locations, durations, points, app, etc.)

What’s more?

  • We’ve added the DJ-Messages component, which can be used as a private messaging system for advertisers and customers.
  • Another useful functionality is the AJAX search plugin implemented to make successful and quick product search.
  • It’s important to mention that this template follows the latest law requirements and the classifieds software includes GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance! DJ-Classifieds GDPR plugin used here allows you to store data from DJ-Classifieds forms in GDPR component for User registration, Add advert (for guests) and Contact advertiser (for guests).

Joomla components listed above are not the only extensions implemented in this template.

The possibilities are significantly expanded because we've also used such extensions:

Also recommended

Not so far ago, we’ve released professional, flexible and user-friendly classified ads website template purposed for ads portals like my offers. So if you want to launch a web page inspired by you should take a look at JM My Offers.

This responsive template is also powered by DJ-Classifieds, the absolute leader in classified ads extensions for Joomla.

It provides plenty of options, features (lazy loading for masonry grid with classified adverts) and extensions (included for free) - Now you can quickly establish an attractive web page!