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10 June, 2022
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Create your business directory listings for Joomla

10 June, 2022

Are you ready to start an online business directory website but don’t know where to begin? We will explain to you how to create a directory website easily. There are many ways, and Joomla CMS is the recommended platform to achieve that goal. You can get started without wasting your time exploring a thousand various possibilities.

It is important to remember that the business directory website is all about profit. A professional website allows you to make money in many ways.

What is a Directory Website?

A business directory is a catalog of websites where entries of companies are placed. These may be companies in a particular industry or location (e.g., province). Company entries usually contain primary data such as name, contact, address, range of services, or product offerings. It allows users to find companies, products, or services easily.

Increasing your online visibility with a company listing website is one of the best marketing strategies. There are concrete benefits for a company that appears on such a list, ranging from better online visibility, previous positive reputation building, and improved search engine rankings.

A great example of a local business directory site allows local businesses in a particular business area to add their listing. A highly ranked site (highly indexed and frequently visited) would be a great place for users to add their business information for a fee. It could be, for example, a local real estate directory where developers will add their listings. The solutions and possibilities are numerous.

Key Directory Website Features

For a catalog website to thrive, it must have certain features, which are a must these days.

Check the list of the key features.

  • Advanced search - This is a vital function. Visitors must be able to search for items that interest them. Consider implementing different search methods: e.g., by category, location, type, price, etc. It is also important to use filters, which will further narrow down the search results.
  • User-friendliness and eye-catching design - the directory site has to be easy to use and intuitive, so people can easily navigate it. Visitors should draw their attention to a critical part of the website.
  • Free listing opportunity - the directory website needs to allow users to post their information (items) about their company for free. It will be helpful for small entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.
  • Extended categories structure - The extensive category structure makes the site clear, and users can use different ways to find the category they want.
  • Responsiveness - the number of mobile users is growing up. That’s why the directory web page needs to be responsive/mobile-friendly.
  • Speed - Speed is a crucial factor as it relates to SEO and bounce rate. The business directory site has to work fast.
  • Locations and maps - The directory websites are primarily location-based, so it is important to have maps and locations for added items.
  • Payment gateways - Payment gateways are a crucial part of a functional website, especially if you want to make money from it.
  • Communication with customers - the business web page needs to use instant messaging or chat solutions.
  • Rating system - Reviews and ratings are essential elements, and the website should contain such a solution so that visitors can evaluate the quality of services.

How to monetize a Directory Website

Running a listing website does not require a lot of investment, and it is a solid business model that can be monetized. You are wondering how to monetize the business directory listings website, and there are several ways to make money from online directories.

You can start with a free platform, but it is essential to know the possibilities. As your traffic grows and your page rank increases, its value will increase. Over time, companies will be willing to pay for the options offered on the site.

Let's focus on the three most popular ways of earning money:

  • Paid listings - Charging business owners to list their company in your directory is the primary option. You can offer various pricing plans, each with its own set of benefits. In our opinion, the most common way to monetize is to charge a small fee for members to list their business. Over time and as the site grows, these prices may increase.
  • Featured listings - Companies can pay to have their listing featured at a higher position or with additional pieces (a website link, more pictures, etc.). You can invite business owners to appear in special places on your website, bringing more users' attention.
  • Advertisements - You can sell ad space and allow users to show off their banners, graphic /video ads, or even text links. They can be placed at specific positions on your web, and each position can have an own price.

Suggested Joomla tool

If you were looking for a suitable solution to help you control your services listings online directory, then you are in the right place.

With a Joomla-powered website, there are many options to get a highly functional online directory on your Joomla site. The Joomla system allows you to install and use additional solutions such as DJ-Classifieds, and with DJ-Classifieds you will launch a fully-featured business directory for Joomla.

In the section above, we have listed the essential features that this type of website should have. Importantly, DJ-Classifieds Joomla listings solution covers all of them.

DJ-Classifieds is a business directory Joomla 4 tool that can be used for a business directory, capable of adding an unlimited number of items. This way, you can accommodate any business. The next advantage is the possibility to organize business listings under a total number of categories and subcategories, making it easy for website visitors to browse the business they’re looking for.

The website’s admin controls listings, including how they look and which details get displayed.

Users can also add a Google map or images and videos with YouTube or Vimeo, making their listings stand out and engaging potential customers.

Advanced search allows users to find what they’re looking for by keyword, category, location, custom field, or price range.

Monetization options include featured listings, move-to-top features, the flexibility to set different prices for each category, and 26 payment gateways (including PayPal and Stripe).

You can also set up email notifications so that admins get notified when new listings are added, or payments are received. Users can be notified when a new listing is posted and when a listing is about to expire. 

If you are looking for an advanced listings directory CMS Joomla extension for creating a business catalog for Joomla (DJ-Classifieds is compatible with Joomla 4), then DJ Classifieds will be the best solution.


Creating a modern website directory does not have to be time-consuming and requires much work. It can, however, be very beneficial and profitable at a low cost. With the Joomla content management system and dedicated tools such as DJ-Classifieds, running a Joomla directory page is easier than ever and requires no programming knowledge.

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