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20 May, 2022
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Custom web development of a classified ads portal

20 May, 2022

The development of the Internet and global trends in digital transformation have made websites a necessary tool for profits and benefits for business owners
but also for customers looking for quality, ease, and quick response.

Classified ad websites are one of the most popular types of sites and one of the most effective tools on the internet. Their users can post ads for products they want to sell, such as any goods and services, both new and used.

Your own classifieds website

We are experts in building classified ads portals based on Joomla CMS and our classifieds script / Classified ads software.

There are several of the most popular types of ad pages that you can create with our help. Here they are:

  • Automotive ads - we can create automotive classified ads portals including ready-made categories and features for automotive portals.
  • Job listings - we can create a portal dedicated to job offers.
  • Classified ads - we can create an ad portal similar to popular ad websites: classifieds like Olx / classifieds like Craigslist
  • Real estate script - we can create a real estate portal with property sale/rent offers
  • Dating portal - we can create a dating site

Easy to manage classified ads portal

Classified ads websites that we create are simple to use, configure and manage. The website’s admin can quickly manage the site’s content from the backend. With the implemented, modern web builder, you can achieve your goals - it’s fast and intuitive and offers a real-time preview of the introduced changes.

Rich possibilities of the classifieds portal

Check the most important features:

  • Extended Administrator panel
  • Online payments - Receive payments on your own classified ads portal using the most popular payment systems worldwide.
  • Monetization
  • Subscriptions
  • Fully responsive
  • Buy now option
  • Integrated messaging system
  • Ads import
  • Statistics
  • Discount codes
  • Auctions
  • Email notifications
  • Maps
  • Any filters and additional fields
  • Multilingualism / Translator
  • Community Login
  • Word blocking

Learn more about our classified ads site offer - check what is included in the service and discover the portal implementation stages.

It is possible to get your own classifieds website with a monthly subscription. The cost of a monthly subscription for the own online store website starts from €47 per month, and the contract is concluded for a minimum of 2 years. The main benefits of such a solution are low monthly installment, technical support, and monitoring of a website based on CMS Joomla for the duration of the contract and the included hosting cost.

The highest quality classifieds websites

We have a team of experienced developers who know the latest trends and tools in website development and the best practices that will turn your website visitors into buyers. If you choose our offer, they will help you create your own classifieds portal, by implementing the classifieds software.

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