Custom web development of an online store website

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16 May, 2022
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Custom web development of an online store website

16 May, 2022

We create custom eCommerce websites based on complete and modern WordPress / Joomla solutions.

Our online stores are intuitive and easy to use - also for the website’s admin. The shopping system includes a wide range of configuration options.

Our online stores bring an attractive form of product presentations with the possibility of uploading various media types, including videos, photo galleries, and downloadable documents (e.g., pdf catalog cards, user manuals). All this to make the customer much more likely to buy. The conversion rate of our websites is much higher than in competing stores.

Online commerce is growing at a tremendous pace

eCommerce is now one of the fastest-growing and most prominent industries globally, and Online retail sales are projected to grow to over $600 billion in the next five years. If you have products or a service you want to sell online, setting up an e-commerce site is an essential first step to finding the right customers. In these uncertain times, where a stationary business is in danger of closing down due to unpredictable world events like an epidemic, running it online is the perfect solution.

Why choose custom eCommerce website development?

Custom eCommerce websites give you the opportunity to have a modern store that performs specific features and provides a quality user experience for the unique group of users that make up your target audience.

The highest quality eCommerce websites

We have a team of experienced eCommerce developers who know the latest trends and tools in website development and the best practices that will turn your website visitors into buyers. If you choose our offer, they will help you create your online store.

Discover the eCommerce website development offer

Our offer of an online store web development includes creating new complex eCommerce websites or updates to existing ones.

We create sites using the latest IT solutions. We care not only about great and intuitive design for the user but also about simple and easy to manage the website's back-end.

For stores, we use modern solutions based on the DJ-Catalog2 extension (in Joomla) and WooCommerce (in WordPress).

Key features of an online store custom development:

  • easy and intuitive creation of a product card and adding many images
  • cooperation with any graphic template
  • possibility to add attachments, e.g., instruction manual
  • wide possibility of defining additional fields for a product (to be used for generating product variants and for filtering by specific features)
  • the feature of grouping fields to facilitate their use in products
  • the possibility of the group changing the prices of products (on one list)
  • the option to add videos in product descriptions
  • intuitive in use, ergonomic shopping cart
  • product ordering by registered users but also by guests
  • the possibility to create different payment and delivery methods
  • various payment plugins such as Paypal, Stripe, etc.
  • product variants
  • visually attractive product presentation
  • intuitive search engine with the possibility of
  • creating your own unique filters
  • product comparison engine
  • any number of categories and subcategories
  • VAT and VAT EU support (control of EU VAT number through the VIES system)
  • different VAT rates depend on the country of the buyer
  • compliance with GDPR
  • support for discount coupons
  • automatic invoicing for paid orders
  • customer panel with access to historical orders
    price levels depend on the number of ordered products
  • individual product labels (description or picture)
    additional services for the product - e.g., gift wrapping, marking

Learn more about our eCommerce site offer and check what is included in the service.

It is possible to create an online store website with a monthly subscription. The cost of a monthly subscription for the own online store website starts from €40 per month, and the contract is concluded for a minimum of 2 years. The main benefits of such a solution are low monthly installment, technical support, and monitoring of a website based on CMS Joomla or WordPress for the duration of the contract and the included hosting cost.

Easy to manage eCommerce websites

Our eCommerce websites are easy to use, configure and manage. The web page content’s edition from the backend is simple. Using a modern web builder, you can achieve your goals - it’s fast and intuitive. A real-time preview of introduced changes is also available there.

Final Thoughts

Having your own online store is a great option. However, if you have too limited a budget to take advantage of our custom implementation offerings, you should consider using the Quickstart website for eCommerce Joomla 4 and eCommerce WordPress. We have three such templates in our collection, and they can be purchased starting from €54.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us, and we will help you create a professional online store.

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