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11 May, 2022
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Custom web development of WCAG compliant websites

11 May, 2022

We create custom WCAG 2.1 compliant websites at AA / AAA level, based on complete and modern WordPress / Joomla solutions.

As experienced web designers, we never stand still but continue to evolve to stay current. Our team is highly experienced in both designing and understanding your business needs. Today web accessibility is a legal requirement, and we are uniquely qualified to successfully implement a modern website while meeting current WCAG 2.1 standards.

Our comprehensive solution is dedicated to cities, communes, municipalities, associations, foundations, schools, and other public institutions. But also for any website owner who wants to make their website accessible to all visitors.

What is the WCAG?

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is considered the benchmark for website accessibility. The WCAG guidelines were created by the "World Wide Web Consortium" (W3C), and following them is the best and easiest way to make your website accessible and usable for all customers (and especially for visitors who are limited by disabilities.)

Many government agencies and educational or healthcare sites must adhere to these standards by law. However, for private business companies, WCAG compliance is not necessary yet. Instead, following this standard ensures that your site is accessible to the broadest possible audience. Besides the moral aspect, it significantly impacts better site performance and financial benefits.

Who must meet the WCAG guidelines?

Existing legal requirements oblige several entities to ensure the accessibility of their sites.
It mainly applies to sites of public nurseries and kindergartens, public institutions, public schools, universities, city, municipal and county offices, provincial and marshal offices, government agencies, social welfare centers, prisons, courts, and prosecution offices of all levels, police units, municipal guards, border guards, community centers, public museums and art galleries, metropolitan associations.

Discover our offer for WCAG implementation

Our offer of accessible websites web development includes creating new complex WCAG compliant websites, portals, and updates to existing ones.
We create websites using the latest IT solutions. We take care not only about great and intuitive design for the user but also simple and easy to manage the website's back-end.

Key features of a custom WCAG implementation:

  • WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Portals built on WordPress / Joomla CMS.
  • Easy content management using drag and drop
  • Ability to configure the BIP module within the portal.
  • Possibility to create a PWA mobile application.
  • Responsive websites adapt to any device.
  • Appropriate color scheme, plus contrast modes.
  • Screen reader - text converted to speech for the visually impaired.
  • Events calendar - Keep a list of events in your area
  • Font size switcher feature
  • The possibility to prepare and implement accessibility declarations
  • WCAG audit - Once the work is completed, we perform a WCAG audit of your site.

Learn more about our WCAG compliant web page offer:

  • Accessibility websites implementation stages
  • Check our previous web portal implementations.
  • Many solutions and possibilities

WCAG compliant website in a monthly subscription

It is possible to create a WCAG-compliant website with a monthly subscription. The cost of a monthly subscription for such a project starts from 180€ per month, and the contract is concluded for a minimum of 2 years. The main benefits of such a solution are low monthly installment, technical support, and monitoring of a website based on CMS Joomla or WordPress for the duration of the contract and the included hosting cost.

Easy to manage WCAG websites

Our WCAG websites are easy to manage. The accessible web page content edition from the backend is simple. You can achieve your goals, using a modern web builder - it’s fast and intuitive. A real-time preview of introduced changes is also available there.

Discover the possibilities of the WCAG website content management. Watch our video presentation - see how to make changes to the homepage and other subpages.