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TerraClassifieds free classifieds WordPress plugin
29 November 2018
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TerraClassifieds free classifieds WordPress plugin

26 November, 2021

It's time to introduce TerraClassifieds - a free classifieds plugin for WordPress.

TerraClassifieds is a classified ads plugin released by PixelEmu. It has a number of features that give you the opportunity to launch a WordPress-based advertising website. The plugin is available for free download.

The main idea was to create a plugin from scratch, in a minimalist version. At the end of work, we've added much more features than initially planned. While working on the plugin, there were also some new ideas.

Some of them have already been implemented, and the remaining ones will be introduced in the upcoming versions of TerraClassifieds.

The result of our work is an advertisement plugin for WordPress with a set of features that we mention below. The presented features are easy to use, and more will be added systematically step by step.

  • 4 built-in widgets (account menu, search announcements, advert categories, latest ads)
  • 6 pages (add advertisement from the front, edit the ad, register user edit user profile, my ads, log in and forget the password)
  • 3 views: (category view, advertisement page, author view)
  • TerraClassifieds settings (main settings, categories, style, security, SEO and much more).


WordPress theme for TerraClassifieds

Along with the TerraClassifieds plugin, we've released TerraClassic, which is the first free classifieds WordPress theme based on this plugin.

Creating a website with ads in WordPress is now easier than you think. This free WordPress theme for ads provides a complete system for the advertising portal. You can create a simple advertising page with a user-friendly advertisement.

Currently, there is a classic way of contacting the advertiser (via the contact form), but we plan to add many other payment methods and auctions in the future.

Below you can see the example view of the list of ads.

Take a look at the example view of a single advertisement:

The TerraClassic theme is available with the WordPress TerraClassifieds plugin, which gives you access to the ads feature.

The free TerraClassifieds classifieds ad plugin and the TerraClassic theme can also be downloaded separately.


Improving TerraClassifieds

We will be pleased if you send us your feedback and report any mistakes or suggestions. We create TerraClassifieds with particular care, and we would like to hear your opinion so that each subsequent version will be better and better.

Plans for TerraClassifieds

It all started with the first release of TerraClassifieds in the Alpha 1.0 version, and we do not stop. This is just the beginning. At the moment we have prepared a lot of other functions for the next version of TerraClassifieds, among others the following things appeared on our list:

  • Locations
  • Custom fields
  • The possibility of charging for adding adverts
  • Payment plugins
  • More advanced search
  • Compatibility with WCAG and ADA

DJ-Classifieds: Classified ads extension for Joomla

We've decided to create an advertisement plugin for WordPress, also because we are the authors of the extensions for Joomla: DJ-Classifieds, which is intended for building a successful classified ad or listing page.

So we have experience in this field and DJ-Classifieds is a component that enjoys excellent recognition and popularity among Joomla users around the world.

DJ-Classifieds is the advanced and easy to use solution for advertisement websites based on Joomla. It comes with the simple configuration and a considerable number of useful features. If you want to launch a website where users will be able to submit their ads or items, then DJ-Classifieds is the right choice for you.

Using this extension, you can run a portal with job listings, real estate ads, various services, dating offers, and many more.

Learn more

We encourage you to test the TerraClassifieds plugin and the TerraClassic theme for Wordpress and share your opinion with us. All comments and suggestions are welcome.