DJ-jQueryMonster updated!

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DJ-jQueryMonster updated!
25 January 2016
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DJ-jQueryMonster updated!

26 November, 2021

DJ jQueryMonster was just updated to version 1.2.1 fixing minor issues and optimized regular expressions for faster and better recognition of jquery scripts.

This plugin helps you get rid of the conflicts with jQuery.

With this plugin enabled in configured you'll get correct order of the scrpts, removes all enabled jQuery/no-conflict instances and enables own jQuery and no-conflict mode helping to solve conflicts.

In settings you can choose:

  • jQuery version
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery UI Theme - all from select lists (those come from Google's CDN) + option to provide custom version or URL for each.

If needed you can also provide path to the script that should not be removed.

You can download this free jQuery fix plugin from our download section.

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