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EF4 Joomla Framework updated with new features
13 May 2019
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EF4 Joomla Framework updated with new features

26 November, 2021


The updated EF4 Joomla Framework comes with a bunch of new useful features. Let's focus on them.

What’s inside the 4.8.5 update?

Local Google Fonts

The possibility to load Google Web Fonts as local fonts instead of loading them from the Google servers is the feature. The framework downloads fonts and includes them into the template's head automatically. You can be sure that your fonts will be 100% GDPR complaint.

The Local Google Fonts need to be enabled in the Joomla template parameters:

Google Web Fonts loaded traditionally:

Google Web Fonts loaded locally:

Learn more about loading Google Web Fonts locally

Full HTML5 support

We have enabled full HTML5 support for the EF4 framework to fix warnings reported in W3C markup validation.

FontAwesome5 support

Now you can choose whether you want to use FontAwesome4 or FontAwesome5 free icons in your Joomla template.

The icons are loaded locally so they are GDPR complaint.

Override template blocks

This feature should be interesting for users who modify template files.

You can copy a layout file to the [template-name]/html/[template-name]/tpl/ or a block file to [template-name]/html/[template-name]/tpl/blocks/ to override the default file.

This way you can be sure that your changes will not be lost after the template update.

Learn more about overriding layout and block files

Load custom.js file

This is another feature for web developers.

If you want to add a jQuery or Javascript script to your template you can simply create the custom.js file inside [template-name]/js/ and place your script in there. The file will be loaded into the template's head automatically and you do not have to worry about the template's updates.

Learn more about adding custom.js file

Other bug fixes and improvements

The features listed above are only the part of the update. More information in the changelog.

See the full list of changes in the changelog

What's more?

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