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Get all extensions, apps, quickstarts with unlimited licenses
27 February 2019
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Get all extensions, apps, quickstarts with unlimited licenses

26 November, 2021

The PLUS plan for all extensions is now UNLIMITED and have a special new, lower price.

No more limits. Create as many licenses as you need!

Unlimited licenses for premium extensions

With the All Extensions PLUS plan, you will now get the option to generate new licenses for all premium Joomla extensions.

First, you need to get the All Extensions Plus Plan

Buy now for $299

Once the plan is activated, you log in to your account to see your plans you will notice new button - "Generate new license" - once that is clicked the new license will be generated. Just copy it and use on another site you want to benefit automatic updates and support on all websites with the valid license keys.

New, lower price

Get the plan for $299 instead of the regular $340!

This plan gives you 1-year access to:

Buy now for $299

Developer Plans

These are plans purposed for users who need more license keys for Joomla extensions.

Development plans for the following Joomla extensions are currently available:

  • DJ-Classifieds
  • DJ Catalog2
  • DJ MediaTools
  • DJ Tabs
  • DJ MegaMenu
  • DJ Reviews
  • DJ Messages

All subscriptions start at the time of purchase and are active for 1 year.

Available Developer Plans

If you have any questions about this plan or need our assistance, just use the Chat you see in the bottom right, or contact us via the contact form.

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