Help for refugees from Ukraine

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18 March, 2022
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Help for refugees from Ukraine

To date (18.03.2022), since 24.02, almost 3.200.000 people have left Ukraine. Of which, nearly 2,000,000 refugees have crossed the borders of Poland. It is the largest migration since the Second World War.

Women, children, the sick, and the defenseless are leaving Ukraine. They all need our help and care. Action by governments and organizations is not enough, and everyone's help is required.

People all over Europe are opening the doors of their homes, and thousands of volunteers have committed themselves to help refugees from Ukraine.

Our friends at OlimpWeb, together with a group of IT companies, have launched an international aid portal that connects those seeking help with people and entities willing to help - 

The portal is based on our DJ-Classifieds component and collects ads from people of goodwill from all over Europe. But there are also announcements from other parts of the world, including the USA.

If you can:

  • make your home available
  • provide medical assistance
  • donate food, clothing
  • offer transport
  • provide work
  • provide another service in any area is an excellent place to advertise and pledge your help.

If you are not in a position to help directly, please share on social media wherever you can. Perhaps one of your friends has the necessary resources and capacity.

It really will be a big help. We strongly encourage our customers to do so.

We would also like to remind you of the addresses of Polish social organizations, which have proved their worth by providing humanitarian aid in many regions of the world and are now concentrating their activities in Ukraine.

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