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Joomla 3.7 where we at?
20 March 2017
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Joomla 3.7 where we at?

26 November, 2021

On 21st February 2017 The Joomla! Project has announced the availability of Joomla! CMS 3.7.0 Beta 3. Joomla stable 3.7 version is expected to be released soon (The present expected schedule is March 28th, 2017). Everything depends on tests only.

Until then users can download Beta 3 version and check if everything works correctly. It’s available to download here.
We've had already tested our Joomla extensions with J!3.7 Beta 3.  

Extensions listed below are working correctly with the latest 3.7.0 Joomla version.

  • DJ-MediaTools
  • DJ-Reviews
  • DJ-Tabs
  • DJ-Flyer
  • Dj-Classifieds
  • DJ-ImageSlider
  • DJ-Events
  • DJ-League
  • DJ-Suggester
  • DJ-Suggester Light
  • DJ-Embed Light
  • DJ-jQueryMonster

DJ-MegaMenu (colours for the custom theme are not working properly) and DJ-Catalog2 (there are some conflicts related to jQuery UI) are not yet ready to work with Joomla 3.7.

We are currently working to eliminate existing issues and make all extensions 100% compatible for the premiere of Joomla 3.7 version stable. We also look forward to your suggestions. We encourage you to test our extensions under Beta 3 version and leave your comments.

What can we expect from Joomla 3.7?

First of all, this version brings more than 700 improvements.

Let's take a look at some new features included in Joomla! 3.7:

  • Custom Fields - This feature comes with the adding of custom fields functionality to contact forms, user profiles and articles
  • Multilingual Associations Component - possibility to translate content easily from a single interface
  • Improved Workflow
  • Backend Menu Manager
  • TinyMCE Editor Configuration - The editor comes with the new features, buttons with control of adding, moving or removing the buttons.
  • Easier Extension Maintenance
  • Improved User Experience

Check the whole list of improvements here.

Upcoming premiere of Joomla 3.7 is definitely a great fact and a chance to celebrate for every user of this fantastic CMS.

Users all over the worlds are already waiting impatiently for the possibility of updating their websites. Would you like to share your opinion with us?

Leave the comment.