New banners are available for our affiliate program users

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New banners are available for our affiliate program users
28 August 2017
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New banners are available for our affiliate program users

26 November, 2021

We've recently updated and expanded our collection of custom banners purposed for affiliate program participants.

Each Joomla extension has a set of eye-catching banners that can be used on your website and will help you to earn money through an affiliate program.

Old banners have been replaced with new banners that look better and present some relevant information about the extension.

You can choose from few available sizes.

We take care of our affiliates, and we want to be sure they have all required tools to earn money.

Banners are an important part of a successful affiliate activity because they are visually appealing to website’s visitors.

Do you want to see the library of available banners? Please login to the affiliate panel and choose a “banners” from the left menu in marketing materials section.

How much money are you able to earn?

Currently, we are offering a the initial deposit of USD 10.00 for each new affiliate user, and we'll pay you 15% on all sales generated by your links.

More information about affiliate program you can find here.

How to use banners?

Once you find a banner that you would like to use, you can see the source, unique code available for you under the image.

Copy it and place it on your website without changing it.

Joomla 3 comes with a component purposed for managing banners.

You can add different banners there and choose where to display them on your website.

You need to create a new banner and fill in the required information, for the banner along with its code.

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