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18 January, 2023
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New DJ-Extensions ticketing system is on the way: users should prepare for an enhanced support experience

18 January, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of testing and plan to launch our new and improved ticketing system on the DJ-Extensions website on 1st February 2023. The new system was designed to improve our customers' technical support, making it easier for users to submit and manage their tickets. The changes made will improve efficiency and, above all, be user-friendly.

What to expect?

Submitting tickets will only be available to logged-in users and will be done directly on the DJ-Extensions website from the user account panel. From their panel, users can submit new tickets, manage existing tickets and see the history.

For users' convenience in the new system, individual agents (programmers) have been assigned to individual products. Each product has its room and its developers assigned to it, which will positively impact the speed and quality of service. Notably, a users will only be able to add a ticket for a product to which they have an active subscription - they will only have access to that department. If they have a subscription to the Unlimited plan - they will, of course, have access to all departments.

Considering customer feedback, we have included two expected features - access to ticket history and the possibility to reply directly by using an email.

What about the old ticket system?

As we announced in the introduction, the new system starts on 1st February 2023. From that date, the old system will be phased out. Also from that date, all new tickets will already work under the new rules, and the old tickets will continue to work until they are closed. In this way, there will be a natural transition to the new system.

The announced changes have been designed with our users in mind and considering their comments and suggestions. There is not much time left until the new ticket system is launched. 

We hope that everyone likes it and, above all, that it positively impacts relations with customers/users.

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