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21 November, 2023
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[NEW RELEASE] DJ-PreSchool - best WCAG Joomla solution for a functional kindergarten page

21 November, 2023

We've just released another WCAG website quickstart, purposed for a kindergarten, nurseries, and children's educational institutions.

DJ-PreSchool works with the YOOtheme Pro web builder and is available for Joomla 4.x.

Are you obligated by the law to have a website compliant with accessibility guidelines? Well, DJ-PreSchool brings all the features you need to have a modern, accessible website compliant with WCAG requirements.

The Joomla template version brings extensions worth at least €113

The Joomla WCAG template brings commercial extensions included for free:

  • DJ-Accessibility - an accessibility plugin / a set of tools to help people with disabilities navigate the site.
  • DJ-AudioList - the plugin based on the YOOtheme Pro, that gives the possibility to create and display an audio files list.
  • DJ-Popup - it's the YOOtheme PRO Pop-up builder. Use it to build any popup/modal and put anything in the popup.
  • DJ-ContentFilters - the YOOtheme Pro based plugin purposed to create professional search filters.

Take a look at the example of a DJ-AudioList plugin usage:

and the example view with the DJ-ContentFilters plugin:

And now also check an example of the DJ-Popup plugin implementation:

Run a WCAG compliant website

DJ-PreSchool encompasses all the necessary functionalities for managing a website that complies with accessibility standards. According to accessibility regulations, it is mandatory for public institutions to adopt WCAG templates. Utilizing these templates not only enhances the website's accessibility but also contributes to its overall usability, quality, and search engine optimization (SEO).

The WCAG template is a ready-to-use website based on the YOOtheme Pro web builder. You need to install quickstart, add the necessary information, and launch the web page. Launch your WCAG website in minutes!

Accessibility options

DJ-PreSchool includes two accessibility tools created to improve the accessibility of your Joomla-based website.

  • DJ-Accessibility plugin

It’s a WCAG plugin that provides many options to improve the accessibility of your Joomla website. You can display accessibility options in a pop-up or a toolbar.

Accessibility options pop up - a clear pup-up panel with all the settings. Use the default button design or replace it with the image of your choice.

Accessibility options toolbar - show accessibility options in the modern and transparent toolbar. Decide where to place it on the site. It can be delivered at the top of the page, on its sides, or at the bottom.

    DJ-PreSchool Video presentation

    Simple & flexible pricing

    DJ-PreSchool can be purchased in two different pricing plans:

    Mini Plan - €54.00

    • Quickstart for self-installation
    • 6 months of download, updates, and support
    • Unlimited domains for components
    • The number of domains for the template depends on your YOOtheme license
    • No recurring payment
    • Version for Joomla

    The Quickstart installation package contains the components and elements described above. You need the YOOtheme PRO plugin to run it.

    Unlimited Plan - €197.00

    • All templates & extensions
    • 1 year of downloads, updates, and support
    • Unlimited domains
    • No recurring payment

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