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Security update for four Joomla extensions
30 June 2017
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Security update for four Joomla extensions

26 November, 2021

We have just released the security update for four of our extensions.

The updates are available for:

  • DJ-Catalog2 - version 3.5.9
  • DJ-Classifieds - version 3.6.6
  • DJ-MediaTools - version 2.9.4
  • DJ-Events - version 1.0beta5

This important security update is related to a bug in part of the code that could be not secure in some cases.

For reasons of safety, we are not providing details of the security issue.

If you are using one of the mentioned extensions in prior versions - you should update as soon as possible to be 100% secure.

DJ-Catalog2 update

Our directory and catalog extension also got some minor fixes. Also, the Users plugin was updated, so if you were experiencing any issues with profile edition in DJ-Catalog2, there's a fix for that in this version.

DJ-Classifieds update

The latest version of Joomla classifieds solution got minor fixes and some new features.

DJ-MediaTools update

Next, to the minor fixes, our gallery and slider extension got also a new feature (Wistia compatibility).

DJ-Events update

The events extension for Joomla (beta) got minor fixes updates as well.

All active subscribers can update extensions by using update manager, Joomla updater or by downloading the latest version from the downloads section and installing it over current version the regular way. Some time ago we have prepared the article "What is the best way to update Joomla! extensions" you can check it as well.

If your subscription expired, you could renew it with 25% discount.

How to secure Joomla

Do not forget to protect your Mac from viruses. Check this article and find many useful lifehacks on how to run a Mac virus scan to avoid getting infected. Keep your operating system updated for better security.